Metalwork Emergency Theory Lessons for Busy Teachers

Worksheets for Metalwork classes

The resources contained within this booklet have been designed for use in the classroom to assist in presenting meaningful activities in the subject of Metalwork or Metal engineering. They have been formatted to allow for quick printing of individual lessons for emergency cover lessons when practical work cannot be completed due to teacher absence, unexpected unavailability of the workshop etc. Each worksheet has been formatted to allow for students to write their name and the date the lesson was given. Included in this resource 1. Metalwork Multiple Choice Quiz 2. Metalwork Multiple Choice Quiz (SOLUTION) 3. Metalwork Battleship group activity 4. General Metalwork Find-A-Word 5. General Metalwork Find-A-Word (SOLUTION) 6. Hand Tools for Cutting Sheet Metal 7. General Metalwork True/False Quiz 8. General Metalwork True/False Quiz (SOLUTION) 9. Workshop Cleanliness - Good House Keeping 10. Workshop Cleanliness - Good House Keeping (SOLUTION)

Metalwork Emergency Theory Lessons.

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