Graphics Technology - Orthogonal Drawing Exercises

This teaching resource has been developed for students studying Technical drawing or graphics lessons. It consists of a range of drawings which can be provided to students at a variety of levels at the teachers discretion.

The resource includes engineering objects that provide opportunities for students to extend their knowledge and skills in Orthogonal drawing drafting practice. Many of the drawings can also be used as C.A.D drawings at the teachers discretion.

Some drawings will require some teacher instruction and guidance prior to students attempting the drawings.

Teachers may wish to add additional requirements such as asking more advanced students to add a cutting plane or having the students create a 3D image to be rendered.

Many of the drawings can be used as cover lessons when the usual teacher is not available for the class.

Sheets included in this resource are listed below.

1. Glossary of terms

2. Block extension 1.0

3. Block extension 2.0

4. Block extension 3.0

5. C Clamp

6. Corner stop (Sample Solution Included)

7. Double step (Sample Solution Included)

8. Exercises 1.0 (Sample Solution Included)

9. Exercises 2.0 (Sample Solution Included)

10. Exercises 3.0

11. Metal cover plate (Sample Solution Included)

12. Pipe Support

13. Sloping block 1.0 (Sample Solution Included)

14. Step block 1.0 (Sample Solution Included)

15. Step block 2.0 (Sample Solution Included)

16. Step block 3.0 (Sample Solution Included)

17. Radio

18. Isometric drawing grid

19. Isometric tracing grid

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